Webcam Instructions for Mobile

Webcam Access for iPhone or Android Users

You must first download Super Live Pro (Apple link or Android link) This is a free download. FOR NEWER VERSION PHONES 10 OR ABOVE Super Live Pro will not work instead please download the free app Super Live Plus instead (Apple link or Android link).

After download, go to system settings, enter into server.

  1. The menu will ask for the address.
  2. There are two IP addresses, one is for viewing all indoor rooms, and the second is for all outdoor play areas. We will give you the IP addresses and logins when you arrive. You will need to save each one separately. The User names and passwords are the same for both IPs. When you sign on, you should have both IPs in your list that are saved.
  3. Type in User Name: (this will be given to you)
  4. Type in password: (this will be given to you)
  5. Save each one
  6. After saving, scroll down to Log in.

You will see the first camera. Scroll down to the blocks. Click on each adjacent block to see different rooms or outdoor areas.

If the screen freezes, exit and log back in again.

Please note: the web cameras are live streaming for your viewing pleasure. These cameras do not record and do not have the capability to play back camera feeds. Recording footage on another device, public representation or reproduction, and posting recordings or images on internet websites and social media channels is illegal and strictly prohibited.

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