Overnight Boarding

Like a traditional “human hotel”, our overnight charges are based on a nightly rate structure with “check in” taking place at any time on the drop-off day and “check-out” at noon the following day. 

Overnight Boarding Prices & Options

Group Rooms

Price: $40 per night for the first dog, and $25 each additional dog from the same household

Please note: all dogs must be spayed or neutered if doing group room or group play. Otherwise, a private suite or kennel option is available with private outdoor play. Dogs under 1 year of age cannot do group indoor play but can do supervised outdoor group play. Once your dog is a year old he or she can then do indoor group room with outdoor group play after passing a group room evaluation.

Our group rooms are where your fur babies can socialize with other dogs their size and will interact in an open environment. Indoors and outdoors are viewable via our webcams. Group dogs are rotated throughout the day to play. Family dogs of similar size can enjoy time together within their group. If family dogs are not the same size, you may want to consider the PRIVATE SUITE OPTION where they can be together while staying with us.

Overnight dog boarding las vegas

Private Suite Dog Boarding Las Vegas

Private Suite

Price: Small /Medium suite – $64 a night and $20 additional for each dog from same household

Dogs from the same household will be placed in suites based on their size, unless pet owner has special request.

Dog suites allow your fur babies to have their own room versus being put with other dogs in a group. Play time with other dogs or use of an individual run in our 1/2 acre outdoor facility is optional. Suites have 24 hour webcam access. Private suites are great for dogs that are older, not social, require more quiet time, or are not fixed. Private suites do not include TV’s, however, you can choose to bring your own items for your dog or we can provide items such as bedding, bowls, toys, blankets etc…

Please note: for all suite reservations, there is a one night non-refundable deposit required at the time of making a reservation. We cannot guarantee at the time of booking, that the room of your choice will be available. Check out time for all reserved suites is 12 noon. After 12 noon, your dog/dog’s will go into group or kennel until pick up.

Suite Sizes

Rover’s Suite (84 sq ft)
Beethoven’s Suite (78 sq ft)
Shelby’s Suite (65 sq ft)
Bolt’s Suite (54 sq ft)
Spud’s Suite (48 sq ft)
Pongo’s Suite (45 sq ft)
Pluto’s Suite (40 sq ft)
Tiki Suite (30 sq ft)

Private Kennel With Group Outdoor Play

(Your dogs must be fixed and be social with other dogs)

Price: $35 per night, or $25 for each additional dog


Private Kennel With Own Private Yard

(This is for dogs who are not fixed or social with other dogs)

Price: $40 per night, or $30 for each additional dog

private kennel boarding las vegas

Note: Web cameras are not available in our kennel area.

Our private Kennel is 4 ft by 4 ft or 8 ft by 8 ft and allows your fur baby to be in a kennel when inside and go outside on rotation to a private yard. Dogs are put in kennels based on size. The Private kennel option offers dogs outside time every other hour with the exception of feeding time and nap time. Private kennel dogs have the option to socialize with other dogs as long as they are spayed/neutered, up to date on all vaccines and social with other dogs. The only exception is dogs under 6 months of age do not need to be spayed/neutered for group socialization with other dogs. Otherwise, a private yard will be provided for private outdoor play time.

If you choose the kennel option, your dog will only be viewable on webcam when outside. We only offer webcams in the group room, suites, and outdoors because of the amount of kennel space required by the state for all boarding facilities.

I love this place!

“Been going here for 7 years. They are very friendly and professional.”

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Las Vegas Overnight Dog Boarding

Save with our Pre-Paid Discount Packages!

Pre-Paid Overnight Group Room Boarding Packages

Package I: (one dog): $1,020.00
30 nights of overnight boarding @ discounted $34 rate

Package II: (two dog family): $1,620.00
30 nights of overnight boarding @ discounted $54 rate

Package III: (three dog family): $2220.00
30 nights of overnight boarding @ discounted $74 rate

Package A: (one dog): $547.50
15 nights of overnight boarding @ discounted $36.50

Package B: (two dog family): $847.50
15 nights of overnight boarding @ discounted $56.50 rate

Package C: (three dog family): $1,147.50
15 nights of overnight boarding @ discounted $76.50 rate

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Pre-Paid Overnight Private Room Boarding Packages

If more than a three dog family to get your boarding rate add $20 each additional dog

Individual Suites: 15 night (one dog) @ $62.50 = $937.50

Individual Suites: 15 night (two dogs) @ $82.50 = $1,237.50

Individual Suites: 15 night (three dogs) @ $102.50 = $1,537.50

Individual Suites: 30 night (one dog) @ $60.00 = $1,800.00

Individual Suites: 30 night (two dogs) @ $80.00 = $2,400.00

Individual Suites: 30 night (three dogs) @ $100.00 = $3,000.00

Suite packages can only be used on small and medium rooms not available for large suites.

Make A Reservation

Pre-paid packages must be paid in advance.

Pre-paid packages must be paid in advance. If you cancel after booking, one night will be taken off your pre-paid package. Get 1 night free on a 15 day or 2 nights free on a 30 day when you pay in cash. You have until 7 p.m. of your last day for pick up. Package is non-refundable non-transferable and have no expiration date. We cannot guarantee that the suite of your choice will be available at the time of booking. Room selection is on a first come-first serve basis.

PLEASE NOTE: additional discounts of any kind will not be applied to already discounted boarding or day care packages. All group room and private suite boarding packages are on a first come-first served booking basis. If you wait too long to book a reservation and we reach our maximum occupancy, we cannot guarantee your dog/dogs’ space pre-paid or not. We highly suggest that you book several months in advance.

Annual discount overnight boarding packages are also available.

We offer a 10% military discount for all boarding clients. Discount can not be combined or used in conjunction with any other offers or promotional discounts during the same visit. Please request the discount at the time of your reservation.

Special Boarding Recommendations

Whenever possible, it’s recommended to bring your dog no later than 4 p.m. on the day of drop off in order for them to get to know us and get familiar with their new surroundings before bedtime that night. The cost is the same regardless of time of drop off.

The following is included with your stay:

  • Vitamins/ Medicine Distribution: No extra charge
  • Play Time: No extra charge
  • Human Companionship: No extra charge

We also have a number of special add-ons (see below).

We have the right to refuse any dog that we feel will not be suitable for our social environment.

Las Vegas Dog Boarding

Check Out Our Add-On Services – $5.00 each

chicken and rice


Add 1/2 cup chicken to your dog’s meal time.

Roast Beef

Roast beef, green beans and rice supplement.


Adding rice is great for sensitive stomachs.

Peanut Butter Kong

It’s a toy and a treat great for relaxing and fun.


Add 1/2 Cup albacore tuna to your dog’s meal.

Diamond Naturals Beef Dry Food

Didn’t bring food? We can provide our in house food.

Nubs dog treats

Nubs - $2.50ea

Nubs are chewy with a soft center and long lasting. Made with real chicken. Dogs love 'em.

Frosty dog treat add on

Frosty Treat

Ice cream will cool your dog down when it’s HOT outside. Ingredients: pumpkin, plain yogurt, bananas and peanut butter.

Dog Squeaky Toy

Squeaky Toy

A team member and your dog will play with stuffed squeaky toys together giving quality one on one time.

Dental Sticks

Dental Stick - $2.50ea

Clean teeth and freshen your pup's breath.

One on One Fetch

Our staff will take your dog outside for ball time.


Great for the sensitive stomach adds probiotics and helps gut flora.

Calming Essential Oils

Our lavender calming oil will help calm stress away.

Cuddle Time

Our staff will provide special one-on-one cuddle time with your dog

midnight potty breaks for your dog

Midnight Potty Breaks

For suite and kennel dogs - If you would like your dog to briefly go out between 11 pm and 12 midnight for a potty break, we can schedule this in.

soft plush pet bed

Soft Plush Pet Bed

Available for suite or kennel only.

A Typical Day At Just Like Home

AM Shift

7:00 AM Dogs are let outside

8:00 AM Dogs breakfast and cleaning dogs indoors

10:00 AM Dogs back outdoors

11:00 AM Cleaning and lunch time dogs indoors

12:30 PM Dogs go back outdoors

1:30 PM – 3:15 PM Cleaning, dogs indoors

PM Shift

3:15 PM Dogs go back outside

4:15 PM Dinner / cleaning, dogs indoors

6:30 PM Dogs go back outdoors

8:00 PM Cleaning, dogs are put indoors for bedtime

Notes: We normally have a 3 part rotation between indoors and outdoors. During peak times, such as holidays, we may need to have more rotations so dogs are not over clustered in rooms and outside. If you do not have a private room reserved your dog will be part of the three part rotation. Example: Room / Outside / Kennel. Rotation times will be based off weather conditions such as whether it’s hot, cold, or raining. If for any reason a dog becomes destructive, aggressive, or shows signs of sickness the dog may be kenneled or kept separate for safety reasons.

Our mission is to provide families and their pets a safe haven and to give peace of mind when they have to be away from their loved ones.

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