Admission Requirements

Evaluations for Group Play and Group Boarding

Evaluations for group boarding will be done the day of your dogs arrival, however, depending on the time of day you arrive, we may or may not be able to do the introduction with other dogs right at that time due to feeding times and the staff’s schedule. We will give you the approximate time the evaluation will be done so you are able to view this on our web cameras.

Spaying and Neutering

Group rooms and play yards require all dogs must be spayed or neutered if over six months old. Just Like Home can only accommodate dogs that are 4 months or older. If your dogs are not spayed/neutered and over 6 months of age, we offer private suite or kennel with private outdoor play on rotation.

Private Kennel and private outdoor yard ( non-connected ) are available for $40 a night for social dogs or $45 a night for non social dogs. Private suites and private outdoor yard ( non – connected ) also are available and start at $70 and up where your dog will be kept separated from other dogs.

Dog Boarding Las Vegas, NV

Dog Boarding Las Vegas

Non Social Dogs

Dogs that are not social with other dogs are allowed to do suite or kennel only and will be given a private yard on a rotation from indoors to outdoors away from other dogs.

Vaccinations, Shot Records

To ensure we keep a healthy atmosphere for our visiting pets, we require compliance with the following rules and regulations.

All dogs must be in good health. Dogs must be living with you for at least 30 days before admission to Day Camp or Overnight Boarding.

In order for your dog to stay and play, you must provide a copy of his/her up-to-date shot records as well as any recent history of illness. Information must include proof of DHLPP (Distemper/Parvo), Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations.

All dogs must be given vaccines 7 days prior to arrival due to possible side effects of vaccines. If your pet has been given any vaccines within last 7 days a vaccine waiver will be required at drop off.

Priority Announcement for all Just Like Home Family Customers: fleas, ticks, lice

Just Like Home’s sole family location in Southern Nevada faces statewide predicaments for all Boarding Facilities in the State. Primarily the occurrence of bugs, specifically flees, tics, and lice. The previously mentioned insects are known for clinging more so onto animals, specifically dogs and can be found widely in the surrounding states to Southern Nevada were people often travel to with their pets and return to or vacation in Vegas.

Thus, for the safety of all temporary dog stays, Just Like Home recommends following the underlying steps for your dog’s health and safety during their stay. We cannot guarantee the recommended steps will work but taking precaution is suggested prior to arrival.

Recommended steps to ensure your pets safety:

  • Oils such as “Frontline Ointment” can be applied to your pets back and shoulder blades prior to their stay. The aforementioned ointment can be found at local retailers such as grocery stores, pet stores, Walmart, target, and other retailers.
  • Visiting and speaking with your pets vet on the topic of receiving dog chews for your pets stay and prior to it that can prevent bugs during continuous use for up to 90 days. This is Just Like Home’s primary recommendation for tackling bugs that will seek out your pets to cling onto. Our Specifically recommended brand of dog chews is labeled “Bravecto”. However you should ensure before use that your pet has no allergies pertaining to the ingredients in “Bravecto”.
  • Purchasing a “Dip Bath” upon arrival and departure. To guarantee no possible bugs can be brought into or leave our facility. You can schedule for a “Dip Bath” during the same process of making a reservation for your dog’s stay or upon drop off. However, select availability is limited. Thus, we recommend pursuing additional grooming options such as our recommended ‘Dip Bath’ at your quickest convenience prior to visiting our establishment.

We professionally spray every two weeks and clean daily however we cannot prevent incoming dogs from bringing new bugs into the facility undetected or unspoken for by their pet owners thus bugs jumping dog to dog and not touching ground to be eliminated of.

As a family of dog owners ourselves, we understand the evoked fears that bugs on your pets can bring especially for your own safety and home health. Thus, we recommend following the previously mentioned steps. However, if you are prevented from pursuing any of the aforementioned steps Just Like Home will not be responsible for any of the bugs that may find themselves on your pet during their stay in our doggie hotel.

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