Tail Waggin’ Rewards

tail waggin' rewards

How to Earn Rewards Points

Any boarding or daycare service earns you points.
 The number of points for boarding and daycare equal the number of dollars – for example $39.00 for boarding make 39 points. Every 200 points equals $5 in reward points.

  • 40 points for paying with cash.
  • 200 points for donations of items to Just Like Home
  • 10 points each for joining us or liking us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn
  • 600 points ($15.00) referring someone (If the new customer books a reservation and stays with us – points will be applied to you)
  • 10 points for one dog family 15 day/night Pre Paid package you purchase,
  • 20 points for two dog family 15 day/night package you purchase,
  • 30 points for three dog family 15 day/night package you purchase…

How to redeem Rewards Points

Once you have reached 200 points you can redeem them for boarding or day care, or apply it to your next visit. You can redeem your points once you have reached at least 200 points, or you can save up your points – they never expire. Points are non-transferable and do not need to be used all at once!

What Services Earn Me Rewards Points?

Boarding & Day Care Services (Grooming is not part of the Points Rewards Program)

If I Reach 200 Points On the Day of Checkout Can I Redeem It That Day?

No, once you reach 200 points it will be applied to your next day care or boarding stay.

How Do I Know How Many Points I Have?

Ask one of our front desk staff members and they will be glad to look it up for you!

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