Frequently Asked Questions

Boarding FAQ’s:

  1. Where do the dogs eat and at what time?  Except for giant breeds, the majority of campers will have their own kennel space for feeding.  Meal times range between 7:30 am – 8:30 am and again between 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm.  We cannot feed the dogs openly and all together for obvious reasons.  By kenneling them for feeding, our staff can monitor their food and water consumption to make sure they are eating their own food and drinking enough water.
  2. Can I bring food that needs refrigeration?  Yes.  We have refrigeration and a microwave to heat refrigerated foods.  We are happy to feed your dog whatever he/she normally eats at home so don’t be afraid to mention this to us.
  3. What shot records does my dog have to have?  To board with us, your dog will need current Rabies, ,6 month Bordetella, and Parvo vaccinations.  If you call your vet, they are usually more than happy to fax your dogs shot records over to us.  If you frequently take your dog to dog parks and/or other social environments, we ask that you get a fecal test done every 6 months .
  4. Does my dog have to sleep in a kennel at night or be put in a cage during the day?  As long as your dog stays social to other dogs that are staying with us, there is no reason to kennel your dog day or night.  Most all dogs sleep in the living rooms at night, with the exceptions of dogs that will not unwind and continue to disturb other dogs that are trying to sleep or dogs that bark non-stop after “lights out” which is about 9:00 pm.  If you would like your dog to have his/her own space at night or to be put with another family dog in a kennel, please let us know and we will set up a comfortable oversized kennel for them.
  5. Can my family dogs stay together during the day and at night?  Depending on the number of dogs we have on any given day and the size and compatibility of the dogs, we do a rotation system of in and out all day long.  We cannot guarantee your dogs will always be together during the day, but we always try to pair them up at night whenever possible.
  6. Does someone stay at the facility at night?  Yes, someone is on site throughout the night.
  7. Do I need to make advance reservations for day care or overnight boarding?    Yes.  We have a maximum capacity limit.  During the weeks of major holidays, advance reservations are required well in advance to insure availability.
  8. May I pick up or drop off my dog after standard business hours 7am-7pm ?  You can pick up your dog and check out after business hours. To do this, it needs to be arranged in advance and payment made either at drop off or by phone. An extra night’s charge will be applied to all dogs getting picked up after normal business hours of 7am – 7 pm.
  9. When is payment for services due?  Payment is due at time of pick up, unless you are purchasing a pre-paid discount package.  Discount package payment is due at or before drop off of your dog(s).  All forms of payment are accepted for pre-paid packages.
  10. What all should I bring for my dog?   To bring: Your dogs food for the duration of his/her stay (all types)  Unless your dog is staying for 10 or more nights, dry food should be brought in baggies (especially if your dog is restricted to a rigid diet).  All dogs must have a collar or harness.  One special type snack if desired.  Do Not bring:  Food or water bowls.  Pet beds unless inner stuffing is protected with heavy plastic.  Rawhide treats  We have plenty of toys, balls. and stuffed animals.  If your dog has one small favorite stuffed animal he/she can’t sleep without, that is fine but it will be kept in the feeding kennel for your dog only.
  11. Can I call the office to check and see how my dog is doing?  Absolutely!  Feel free to call between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm any day of the week for an update
  12. Do new dogs have to undergo an evaluation?  You may be asked to bring your dog in for a short meet and greet.  There is no charge for this 20 minute introduction, but it is important that we make sure your dog will be good in our social environment.  You may be asked to have your dog stay for a play day for an entire day if we think it would be best to get to know him/her a little better.  A play day before an extended stay is also a good idea in order to make your dog more comfortable with us, our facility, and the other dogs before you go away.
  13. Will my dog think we are abandoning him when we bring him there?  Like children going to kindergarten for the first time, it usually takes a day or two for them to understand what’s going on.  If you plan ahead and bring him/her a few times for day care, he/she will see the pattern or repetition of drop off by mom or dad and pick up by mom or dad, so they know you are returning for them.  Meanwhile, they also learn it’s a fun and safe place for them to stay when mom and dad are away.
  14. When can I come see the facility and see where they will be staying?  Please call ahead to schedule a virtual tour and or meet and greet especially if you will be bringing your dog with you. Evaluations are done throughout the week by appointment only. Our tour consists of our live feed web cameras displayed in our office we cannot do walk through tours dogs staying here are roaming freely you can see the whole facility via our live feed. Dogs doing evaluations will be taken back via a personal pet assistant while you watch in the lobby or you can leave and come back after evaluation is over.
  15. Do you shut the webcams off at night?  No, they are left on 24 hours a day unless we shut them down for maintenance.  The lights in the living room areas are turned off at night so our campers know its time for bed but you can still log on and see them throughout the night.


Do you kennel for behavioral issues?

We understand all customers want their dogs not in a kennel, but please keep in mind your dog may act differently when not at home or in your care. We do our best to work with all behaviors but safety is our biggest concern.

  • Dog/dogs is/are destructive, such as chewing walls and furniture

    Why: Your dog can ingest something that can get lodged and can harm your dog we will kennel for safety purposes if your dog shows destructive behavior.

  • Dog/dogs mount other dogs

    Why: Your dog may find mounting another dog fun but another dog may not like it and will most likely nip at another dog for such behavior due to safety purposes a kennel will be provided for your dog.

  • Not calming down in group rooms

    Why: If your dog is wanting to still play inside and other dogs are trying to rest it will provoke another dog to nip or get upset, the rooms are for relaxing not playing outside is for playing. If your dog is to hyper for group room a kennel will be provided for your dog’s safety.

  • Barking constantly

    Why: Other dogs are trying to rest inside the rooms if your dog is barking constantly other dogs will not get rest and become cranky and can nip if your dog will not stop barking a kennel will be provided for your dog’s safety.

  • Showing aggressive behavior

    Why: If your dog is growling, showing teeth or nipping at other dogs this is a form of aggression and your dog will be given a kennel to prevent harm to your dog and other dogs.

Please note: If a private suite/room is available, a private room will be provided, if any of the above occur. If all suites/rooms are booked up, a kennel will be provided, with the exception of destructive behavior and aggression.

All dogs will have time outside to play on rotation, regardless if in a suite, kennel, or group room. Rotations are done, based on the weather, anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on dog/dogs’ behavior a private outdoor run may be given, if not suitable for group outdoor play.


Grooming FAQ’s

  1. Do you offer complimentary baths for boarding dogs?  No, we don’t give complimentary baths for boarding.
  2. How long will my dog have to stay to get groomed?  Most grooms are an average of 2 – 21/2 hours.  We will call you when your dog is ready for pick up.
  3. What do you require for vaccinations for grooming?   We require proof of current rabies, bordetella and parvo vaccinations.
  4. Can I stay with my dog while he/she is getting groomed?  No, we do not have room for owners to stay and your dog may behave adversely with you there, making it difficult for the groomer to complete the groom.
  5. Should I call to make an appointment for grooming or do you accept walk-ins?  We prefer scheduled appointments a day or two in advance.  Although we accept walk-ins, we may be booked the day you decide to walk in without reservation.