About Us

Back in 2007, we decided to take a trip and were in need of a special pet sitter for our two older St. Bernards. Our oldest girl, Chloe, had severe osteoarthritis. They both needed to be able to stretch their legs and walk, medicine administration, and of course food and fresh water. Much to our dismay, there was little comfort in what options were available at that time. It was then, after forgoing our vacation plans, that we decided to try and fill the void that seemed to exist in the pet care  industry. We started a small home-based business called Pam’s Purr-fect Pet Care and welcomed family dogs into out home when owners went away and offered around-the-clock human companionship and exercise in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

“Just Like Home” Doggie Hotel and Grooming. We think you’ll love our family owned and operated services. If you happen to find the same void we did in quality care for your pets, then come see us. We hope to make you part of our family of clients and friends.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide families and their pets a safe haven and to give peace of mind when they have to be away from their loved ones. We continually strive to accomplish this by providing loving care and companionship in a fun and comfortable atmosphere that is just like home.

We have a full staff throughout the day and someone on staff overnight so your dogs can have the comfort and companionship they need while you’re away. Just Like Home offers a stress free environment. Unlike traditional kennels we offer a home like atmosphere. Pet owners will have peace of mind watching their dogs on their phones, computers and I-Pads. This lessens problems in dogs that are vulnerable to stress, abnormal behavior and anxiety. Unfamiliar noises, smells, temperatures and lack of social contact can cause k-9 stress. We changed the environment from a caged atmosphere to better suit dog’s needs. We offer a 1/2 acre of outdoor space to get fresh air, run and stretch with areas to enjoy social contact with other dogs. We provide indoor living rooms with couches, pet beds, TV’s, and toy boxes, to give it that home touch. Whereas most dog boarding facilities shut off the webcams at night, we offer 24 hour dog boarding web cameras so you can see your dog day and night.

We consider K-9 behavior at its roots. Dogs like patterns and they are habit forming creatures such as feeding times, food, comfort and what they are used to at home. Dogs are pack animals and a lack of adequate social contact can be a big stressor that’s why we offer a cage free environment to allow dogs to socialize with trained staff that knows how to ease individual dogs into a pack and increase their confidence as well as reduce this form of stress. Unlike other cage free boarding facilities where staff is used as a security measure and just stands there watching and occasionally pets your dog our staff interacts with the dogs inside and outside playing games like ball, tough of war, cuddling, treat time, this is great for stress and for energy release.

So who will care for your pets while you are away? A dedicated team of professionals who understand your needs and who are compassionate about giving your dog the care and attention they deserve. At Just Like Home we take the time to listen to you, your concerns, and your desires for your dog’s happiness and do our absolute best to fulfill them. Stop in and see for yourself that leaving your pets doesn’t have to be a bad experience.