About Us

Back in 2007, we decided to take a trip and were in need of a special pet sitter for our two older St. Bernards. Our oldest girl, Chloe, had severe osteoarthritis. They both needed to be able to stretch their legs and walk, medicine administration, and of course food and fresh water. Much to our dismay, there was little comfort in what options were available at that time. It was then, after forgoing our vacation plans, that we decided to try and fill the void that seemed to exist in the pet care  industry. We started a small home-based business called Pam’s Purr-fect Pet Care and welcomed family dogs into out home when owners went away and offered around-the-clock human companionship and exercise in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

“Just Like Home” Doggie Hotel and Grooming. We think you’ll love our family owned and operated services. If you happen to find the same void we did in quality care for your pets, then come see us. We hope to make you part of our family of clients and friends.